Apple Annie's Bake Shop Mission Statement: To create lifelong memories every day.

Core Principles:

Our Customers:

Our core values focus on our customers first and foremost-- we are honored to be invited into such important aspects and celebrations of their lives. We are also passionate about our products, caring for the quality of each ingredient and step of preparation. We highly value our employees, each as an individual artist and together as a family. We also treasure our trusting community, paying recognition to those who serve and eagerly giving back to our environment. Our customers are our primary focus—they are our neighbors and friends. They invite us into their lives: to their wedding, their baby’s first birthday, a graduation, their mother’s retirement party. We honor these invitations and want to serve our customers with the utmost respect, working tirelessly to exceed their expectations. We will value and celebrate every person who walks through the door at Apple Annie’s Bake Shop.

Our Products:

Our customers trust us to deliver the highest quality baked goods and service. We are passionate about our products, choosing only the finest ingredients and preparing each cake, cookie, pastry, and loaf of bread with care, love, and artistry.

Our Employees:

Our employees are our most valuable asset. Individually we are artists; together we are the Apple Annie’s family. We take great pride in our work, our products, and our family. We do more than sell baked goods; we help celebrate life’s memorable moments. We empower our employees to “make it right” for the customer and our family—every time.

Our Community:

As our neighborhood bakery, we understand the trust our community places in us. We want to give back to that community, recognize those who serve us, and be good stewards of our resources. We play an active role in helping our neighbors and region thrive. We are eager to partner with those who share our value of giving back and caring for our environment.

Our Vision:

We want to be the neighborhood bakery of choice for our customers and friends, the first place they turn to celebrate special moments. We want our customers to recognize Apple Annie’s Bake Shop for our quality products and positive customer service experience, exceeding expectations every time.

Thank You!

Apple Annie's Bake Shop would like to thank and pay recognition to those whom serve us every day. From Sheriffs to Fire Fighters, EMT and First Responders, Military, Veterans, Police Officers and more-- please accept our thanks and let us serve you in return for all that you do. Let Apple Annie's make you feel right at home with a cup of hot coffee or a pastry. Thank you for serving us!