Our Story

Get to know Apple Annie’s Bake Shop and what makes us a memorable place in the community.

Your neighborhood bakery is the place to be.

For more than 32 years, Apple Annie’s Bake Shop hasn’t just harbored an insatiable sweet tooth and love of freshly baked goods – it’s also been cultivating a passion for top-notch customer service and a dedication to community.

From the newest employee to the most loyal customer, the shop is invested in recognizing every member of its community, as well as providing exceptional products made from only the best ingredients. Step inside, and let the welcoming staff at Apple Annie’s Bake Shop make you feel right at home.

Community Awards And Accolades


  • Encore Magazine, Best of 2019 Winner: Bakery & Desserts
  • Wilmington Parent Magazine, Best of 2019: Bakery
  • StarNews Shore Picks, Best of 2019: Bakery & Sweet Shop


  • Encore Magazine, Best of 2018 Winner: Bakery & Desserts


  • Wilmington Magazine, Best of 2017 Winner: Bakery
  • Encore Magazine, Best of 2017 Winner: Bakery & Desserts


  • Encore Magazine, Best of 2016 Winner: Bakery & Desserts
  • Star News Media, Shorepicks 2016 Best of the Cape Fear Region Winner: Bakery


  • Encore Magazine, Best of 2015 Winner: Bakery & Desserts

Our Mission and Vision

Creating lifelong memories every day.

We want to be the neighborhood bakery of choice for our customers and friends, the first place they turn to celebrate special moments. We want our customers to recognize Apple Annie’s Bake Shop for our quality products and positive customer service experience, exceeding expectations every time.

Core Principles

Our core values focus on our customers first and foremost-we are honored to be invited into such important aspects and celebrations of their lives.

We are also passionate about our products, caring for the quality of each ingredient and step of preparation.

We highly value our employees, each as an individual artist and together as a family. We also treasure our trusting community, paying recognition to those who serve and eagerly giving back to our environment.

We will value and celebrate every person who walks through the door at Apple Annie’s Bake Shop.

Our Customers

Our customers are our primary focus—they are our neighbors and friends.

We are honored our customers ask us to be part of your most treasured celebrations. From your wedding, to welcoming a new baby, to celebrating a 100th birthday, it is a privilege to be a part of your special moments. Our goal is to exceed your expectations at every opportunity.

Our Employees

Our employees are our most valuable asset.

Individually we are artists; together we are the Apple Annie’s Bake Shop family. We take great pride in our work, our products, and our family. We do more than sell baked goods; we help celebrate life. We empower our employees to “make it right” for the customer and our family—every time.

Our Community

As our neighborhood bakery, we understand the trust our community places in us.

We want to give back to that community, recognize those who serve us, and be good stewards of our resources. We play an active role in helping our neighbors and region thrive. We are eager to partner with those who share our value of giving back.

Green Initiatives at Apple Annie’s Bake Shop

For the last 35 years, it has always been our belief that small changes can have a big impact in our community and around the world.  Being good stewards of our environment and this city that we love have always been at the center of our core values.  We strive to source not only ingredients in a sustainable way, but also to find companies that are willing to partner with us on these efforts.  Moving away from styrofoam plates to a recyclable cardboard packaging items, choosing napkins and plates made of recycled paper, and using reusable cold packs in shipping, are just the beginning.  We continue to make changes in the production side as well, which include switching to LED lighting, and monitoring our use of water on a daily basis, as well as, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.  We always donate unsold items to food banks and charities as well.

-Making sure unsold items are donated to food banks

-Reuse & repurpose items when possible

– Using local products/produce in baking when possible and available

-Reusing and recycling containers that raw materials arrive in

-Reusing recyclable/reusable packaging when possible napkins, plates, tote bags, cups, utensils

– Researching companies that we buy ingredients and products from, making sure items are sourced in a sustainable way and choosing suppliers who do the same

Our Products

Our customers trust us to deliver the highest quality baked goods and service.

We are passionate about our products, choosing only the finest ingredients and preparing each cake, cookie, pastry, and loaf of bread with care, love and artistry.

Whether you need a particular favorite to take to dinner or just to keep around at home, our selection of gourmet breads and rolls is baked with you in mind.

Breads & Rolls

From specialty croissants to delectable muffins, we’ve got a wide enough variety of breakfast pastries to supply everyone in your home with the right start to the day.

Breakfast Pastries

Cater to your sweet tooth with any number of our confectionary delights, from classic cake flavors to our innovative specialties or holiday creations.


Visit our shop any day of the week for an array of all your favorite cheesecakes, available in multiple sizes, with toppings to add that perfect finish.


The perfect way to experience dessert, breakfast, or a midday treat: we keep the best coffees and teas from Java Estates Roastery on hand to purchase by the cup, in bulk, or ground to take home.

Coffee & Tea

Our handmade cookie selections are available by the pound for your next get-together, or as a quick and tasty treat for yourself and a friend.


We keep a steady supply of all your classic favorites, but that’s not where your cupcake choices end. We also concoct decadent creations featuring your favorite characters and custom preferences.


Birthdays, holidays, graduations, or a stellar report card: celebrate your special occasion with one of our custom cakes, available in a range of sizes and design possibilities thanks to our in-house cake artists.

Custom Cakes

Indulge in your most scrumptious cravings with our specialty pastries, available to you on a daily basis in our shop and with enough flavors to satisfy all tastes.


Prepared with the freshest fruits and ingredients available in-season, our pies and cobblers can be made to order or purchased as is for when it’s your turn to bring dessert.

Pie & Cobblers

Enjoy our various treat options! We have various chocolate bark, dog treats, gift bags, t-shirts & more


For your big day, make sure your cake is just as unique as you and your special someone. Our cake artists work with you to craft the perfect culinary delight for you and your guests to enjoy.

Wedding Cakes

Thank You.

Apple Annie’s Bake Shop would like to thank and pay recognition to those whom serve us every day.

From Sheriffs to Fire Fighters, EMT and First Responders, Military, Veterans, Police Officers and more-please accept our thanks and let us serve you in return for all that you do. Let Apple Annie’s make you feel right at home with a cup of hot coffee or a pastry. Thank you for serving us!