The Keepers of Tradition

As many of you may know, Apple Annie’s Bake Shop has been a pillar of the Wilmington community for 35 years as of September 2020! Our pastries, breads, & cakes have been a part of many family traditions for decades. And even with a change of ownership, about 8 years ago, Apple Annie’s Bake Shop has been able to keep our favorite recipes a part of the community.


While you may feel like you know our baked goods inside and out, something many of you may not know is that many of our lead staff have been with the bakery for decades! Jamy, Hans, Nancy, & Greg are 4 team members who have been with the bakery for decades a piece. Through generations, this team has had a hand in making cakes for grandparents, their kids, and their grand-kids.


Meet the Core of Apple Annie’s Bake Shop


Jamy – Head Baker

Jamy has been working at Apple Annie’s Bake Shop since he was in high school. He truly understands the skill, discipline, and physical labor it takes to work in every aspect of a bakery from porter all the way to Head Baker. Before Apple Annie’s Bake Shop came to Wilmington, it was a bakery in New Jersey. Jamy began working there in 1974 while still in high school. In 1985, Apple Annie’s Bake Shop moved to Wilmington and Jamy decided to stay in New Jersey. However, just 2 years later he moved down here to be with the original team. If you’ve had a cake, cookie, eclair, biscuit, etc. Jamy has baked for you. He has been developing recipes and making them for Wilmington since 1987. In all, Jamy has worked for this business for about 44 years!

Jamy working the ovens!

Hans – Head Cake Decorator

In Hans’ senior year of high school he began working at Apple Annie’s Bake Shop. Working as a porter quickly turned into an apprenticeship to learn the unbelievable crafts of baking and decorating. After 7 years of working at Apple Annie’s Bake Shop, Hans did an exchange program in Switzerland for 1.5 years to learn the Swiss way of baking. In 1999 he returned to Wilmington with a whole new set of skills to incorporate into our products. After 30 years in the bakery business, much of Wilmington has been able to see and enjoy one of Hans’ many magical creations which you can see here.

Hans – In the back right decorating a cake


Greg – Our Multi-Talented Man

Greg has been in charge of making so many of our key items for decades! He has been making our one of a kind buttercream for 33 years. He also makes the apple pie filling, custard, and chocolate pudding just to name a few things. Greg has a hand in almost every product here. The recipes and the man making them hasn’t changed for virtually the entire time Apple Annie’s Bake Shop has been in Wilmington.

Greg – In the back left, making custard on the same stove he uses today!


Nancy – The Face of Our Bakery

For 25 years Nancy has been up front taking your family’s orders for the best goodies around. She started here in 1995 and knows all of the ins and outs of the bakery and what we have to offer you. Nancy is unbelievably talented at thinking up a cake or design to meet your needs. And as our bakery gets flooded with hundreds of orders, Nancy is the key connector between production and getting you exactly what you want!

Nancy hard at work!


As a bakery we aim to make memories with and for our customers. If you had a birthday cake 20 years ago and then you bought a cake for your child this year, it is likely that all 4 of these individuals made both of those cakes possible. How crazy is that?!


Without all of our amazing staff and our loyal customers, the 35 years of Apple Annie’s Bake Shop wouldn’t be possible. Thank you!